As you may know, I love transcribing fiddle tunes! Here are links to some of my transcription work. / Comme vous le savez probablement, j’adore transcrire les tounes de violon! Voici quelques exemples de ce travail.

I got to work on the tune book that Vishten has recently released and on the “Tunesmiths” book, both on this page. / J’ai travaillé avec Vishten sur leur nouveau livre de tounes ainsi que sur le livre “Les faiseux de tounes (Tunesmiths)” sur leur page Web ici:

I have also done some transcriptions of original Natalie MacMaster tunes that can be found on her Website. / J’ai aussi transcrite des pièces originales de Natalie MacMaster qu’on trouve sur son site Web.

The Volcanic Jig

Mother Nature

If you have tunes that you would like transcribed, contact me for more info. Prices vary,  25$/hour, minimum one hour. Some tunes take longer, I can usually do 2 in an hour.